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The StitchUser represents the currently logged-in user of the StitchAppClient.

This can be retrieved from StitchAuth or from the result of certain methods such as StitchAuth.loginWithCredential.

See Also


  • CoreStitchUser
    • StitchUser




customData: object

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any


id: string

The String representation of the ID of this Stitch user.


identities: StitchUserIdentity[]

An array of StitchUserIdentity objects representing the identities linked to this user which can be used to log in as this user.


isLoggedIn: boolean

Whether or not this user is logged in.

If the user is logged in, it can be switched to without reauthenticating using StitchAuth.switchToUserWithId.


This is not a dynamic property. This is the state of whether or not the user was logged in at the time this user object was created. Use StitchAuth.listUsers to get a new list of users with current state.


const stitchAppClient = Stitch.defaultAppClient

const {auth} = stitchAppClient

let user1 = await auth.loginWithCredential(new UserPasswordCredential('user1', 'password'))

expect('user1 is logged in', user1.isLoggedIn)

// Log out.
await auth.logout()

// The user1 object is a snapshot of the state at the time of assignment.
// Its properties will not be updated despite the internal state having changed.
expect('user1 is logged in??', user1.isLoggedIn)

// To get the current state, call StitchAuth.listUsers().
user1 = auth.listUsers().find(user => user.id === user1.id)

expect('user1 is actually logged out', user1.isLoggedIn === false)


lastAuthActivity: Date

The time of the last auth event involving this user. This includes login, logout, and active user changed.


loggedInProviderName: string

The name of the authentication provider used to log in as this user.


loggedInProviderType: string

The type of authentication provider used to log in as this user.


profile: StitchUserProfile

A StitchUserProfile object describing this user.

Optional userType

userType: undefined | string

A string describing the type of this user: either server or normal.



  • linkWithCredential(credential: StitchCredential): Promise<StitchUser>
  • Links this StitchUser with a new identity, where the identity is defined by the credential specified as a parameter. This will only be successful if this StitchUser is the currently authenticated StitchUser for the client from which it was created.


    • credential: StitchCredential

      The credential to use to link this user to a new identity.

    Returns Promise<StitchUser>


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